Вакансия: Video streaming Engineer .TV channel. Finland.

Our client, a TV channel  from Finland also working in Estonia, Sweden and soon in Ukraine. We are developing a complete solution for TV companies with multiple channels in different language areas.
We are looking for candidates to fill in the position of:
Video streaming engineer
Place of duty : Remote work!
Technical Experience/ IT SKILLS / TOOLS :
  • C++, C and open source projects
  • Codecs and streaming for video and audio with FFmpeg
  • Languages – must speak English good enough for professional interaction
  • Preferably at least 5 years of professional programming experience.

Additional knowledge would be welcome:

  • Programming languages experience- Java
Tasks & Responsibilities:
We are building a  Media Asset Management software that can be used by a TV company to store all it’s video and related material efficiently
From there the videos need to be streamed to Internet, cable networks, Java clients etc.
We will be relying on FFmpeg. So the ability to know how to use it fully and develop it further is essential in this job
Also understanding of coding, decoding, multiplexing and demultiplexing of video and audio is needed in this job.
$3,500 – $4,500 monthly
Remote work also possible
If you want to work from home then we are flexible enough to accept that too, provided that you are
truly a talented programmer. All you need to do is to visit our Kiev office once a month for code review.
We are waiting for Your CV: escadra@escadra.com.ua
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