Ukrainian military cadets win at NATO Enterprise Architecture Hackathon

Ukrainian military cadets  win at NATO Enterprise Architecture Hackathon

Ukrainian cadets of Military Institute for Telecommunications and Informatization have won a NATO Enterprise Architecture Hackathon, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Three business areas were selected for the Enterprise Architecture  Hackathon: Cyberspace, Verification and Validation, Command and Control. The participants of modeling challenge were tasked to develop a set of architectural patterns  representing innovative aspects of the Cyberspace Domain by applying ideas from state-of-the- art technologies and business practices. The participants of Coding challenge were tasked to apply modern Data Analytics to discover “hidden gems” within the provided datasets from multiple, different interoperability testing events  in which NATO-related Command and Control systems participate every year.

The goal was to come up with appealing visualizations of findings, and explain how those could be used to transform business. The participants of Joint Challenge were asked to develop experimental solutions in the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT) that can be used to solve operational problems.

The Ukrainian team participated in two challenges — Coding and IoT

Having shown the best results in both challenges, the Ukrainian team were declared winners.

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