Looking for a local representative.

Escadra, an IT recruiting company with extensive and successful experience in working for clients from diverse regions and countries of the world, is contemplating an entry into the new markets and is looking for local representatives.

Our ideal local representative is a:

  • Legal entity or an individual
  • Successful heads of sales and business development in B2B
  • Consulting companies that want to offer their clients a new service
  • Recruiting companies that want to develop a new line of business


  • Search and engagement of potential clients
  • Promotion of our services (IT Recruitment)
  • Getting ready for the opening of the office

Qualifications and experience Requirements:

  • Experience in B2B sales
  • Good contacts within the business community
  • Experience in using marketing technologies to engage potential clients
  • Knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the local labor market and recruiting
  • Understanding the B2B contracting process
  • Proactive and sociable
  • Ability to work independently

Email your letter of motivation at escadra@escadra.com.ua or send a direct message to the CEO of Escadra in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuriyg1/

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