High efficiency of Recruitment Group “Escadra’’ was proved by independent rating

One of the best IT-recruiters in Ukraine who is working in our recruitment group ensures prompt and efficient search of candidates for your company. In March 2015, Mr. Yuriy Gorokhovskiy, Director of Escadra Recruitment Group, entered the list of TOP10 most efficient IT-recruiters, taking the 5th place in the rating compiled by Djinni.co. service.

How was the efficiency of IT-recruiters evaluated?

Employing proprietary statistics methods, Djinni.co., which brings together more than 10 000 IT-specialists, calculated the number of contacts used to fill an employment position by each IT-recruiter. The least number of contacts testifies the high level of professionalism, ability to adequately evaluate the candidates based on the available information and to efficiently solve the tasks at hand.

The TOP10 recruiters make on the average from 44 to 248 contacts to select one candidate. Yuriy Gorokhovskiy makes it in as many as 66,5 contacts. This serves as an indicator of high performance of the search and, at the same time, reflects the colossal effort made by the IT-recruiter to fill each vacancy.

What does the recruiter need at the stage of selecting candidates by their resumes?

The main skill of the efficient IT-recruiter is to detect the real expert knowledge of the candidates, hidden behind a multitude of terms and specified skills, and, conversely, to detect an excellent programmer or manager behind a “dull” resume.

At the stage of resume examination at any service or database of candidates, recruiter filters the candidates based on their professional and personal qualities, estimates job parameters and their relevance for the hiring company, evaluates the degree of the applicant’s motivation. At this point, it is of utmost importance to ask the preliminary selected candidates the right questions in order to get information relevant for the next step of selection.

Why is IT-recruiter’s high efficiency important for the clients?

Besides being a time-saving device in the process of candidates’ selection, such efficient approach to the search involving specific proprietary methodology allows to offer our clients a reliable candidate to fill the employment vacancy in the shortest possible time. At the same time, promptness and efficiency of search guarantees trouble-free work of the business mechanism of our clients.

We expect that now you know exactly whom to call, if you happen to have an “urgent” employment vacancy.

*Rating was published in AIN.UA, a popular Ukrainian Internet-journal, covering IT-business, startups and entrepreneurship http://ain.ua/2015/03/16/569893

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