The War is Over…?

In December of 2013 Josh Bersin in Forbes column claimed: “The war for talent is over – talent won”. The quotation was quickly spread around the Internet. An interesting article, many statements are difficult to contradict:

“The year ahead will be exciting and challenging for HR professionals. Personnel engagement, retention and education will become more difficult”.

“Technology will continue to make the world a smaller place, forcing companies to improve their employment brand in every possible way”.

“While there will still be comparatively high level of unemployment, generally people have become more demanding: they want work which is meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable”.

“Leadership will continue to be in short supply. And you, as an HR professional, will have to be innovative and adapt to stay ahead”.

Some predictions for the year 2014 are rather surprising though:

“The demand for high-performing employees with the necessary skills comes to the top of priority list”.

Strange as it may seem, McKinsey has been talking about it since 1997. And the book “The War for Talent” was written far back in 2001.

“Companies will find skills short and they will have to build a supply chain for talent: partner with universities, establish apprentice programs, create developmental assignments, and focus on continuous learning”.

It doesn’t seem to sound like a new trend of the year 2014.

“High-performing companies invest in HR skills development. In 2014 if you aren’t reinvesting in HR, you are likely to fall behind”.

And when did it make anyone move forward?

“Today’s HR organization is no longer judged by its administrative efficiency. It is judged by its ability to acquire, develop, retain, and help manage talent”.

This sounds like a flash of intuition, a stroke of genius …

Perfect predictions and one does not need to change anything in them for a rather long time; one can only change the year, 2014 for 2015, 2016, 2017 …

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