Vacancy: User Interface Designer.TV channel. Finland.

Our client, a TV channel  from Finland also working in Estonia, Sweden and soon in Ukraine. We are developing a complete solution for TV companies with multiple channels in different language areas.
We are looking for candidates to fill in the position of:
User Interface Designer.
Place of duty : Remote work!
Technical Experience/IT skills/Tools:
  • Good design skills, artistic eye.
  • Languages – must speak English good enough for professional interaction
  • Preferably at least 5 years of professional programming experience.
Tasks & Responsibilities:
  • We are building a complete solution for a TV company. A big part of the project is the user interface to that system. Currently we are using many different UI technologies like Flash and JS+HTML. Decision was made that we will build all those interfaces that are used by the company internally with Java (Swing, JavaFX etc.)
  • We want to create an interface that can utilize perfectly multi-monitor environments, can be configured by the user to suit different work situation like in Adobe’s software suite and that gives a good user experience and customizable look&feel.
  • We can use external libraries or create our own solutions. Whatever is needed to create the best possible user interface in Java.
$2,500 – $3,000 monthly
Remote work also possible
If you want to work from home then we are flexible enough to accept that too, provided that you are
truly a talented programmer. All you need to do is to visit our Kiev office once a month for code
We are waiting for Your CV:
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