Vacancy: Plant General Manager

We are looking for a dynamic person to join and manage our existing Production Plant in the Western part of Ukraine.

Applicants must have experience of min 5 years as Plant Managers or General Managers working for Multinational Companies in the Industry or Automotive sector. Must speak fluent English and be Customer oriented, punctual, respectful, professional and reliable.

The position is full time and reporting directly to the Headquarter in Europe.

References essential.

You responsibilities and activities: 

  • Organizes and manages all company functions  and plant managements (Group branches) according to organizational chart
  • Promptly informs the headquarter HR manager as far as updates to the second lines of the organization chart
  • Organizes and coordinates all plant functions according to organization chart approved by the president
  • Guarantees the correct application and compliance of policy/strategies and quality objectives
  • Assigns continuous improvement projects to the managers and/or owners of the company functions/processes
  • Assures the realization of assigned tasks to responsible people for functions/processes of the company
  • Assures the accomplishment of training/education plans at all levels according to approved plan
  • Assures the compliance of plant cost/profit
  • Manages the investment plans/budget
  • Manages locally the wage policy/strategy
  • Verifies/assures the compliance of company cost/profit
  • Manages investment plans/budget
  • Manages policy/strategy related to the company wage system
  • Urges and organizes meetings with the managers of the company functions in order to identify improvement opportunities for the organization
  • Coordinates/assures the analysis of the skills needed for the effective and efficient performance of the plant activities, and makes it available to the headquarter HR department, together with educational plan proposal
  • Assures that company data/information are managed in compliance to Confidentiality and Privacy rules
  • Manages the recording of quality data/information he/she’s responsible for
  • Supervises and coordinates eventual line/shipment stoppages
  • Manages and guarantees all agreements related to the plant services
  • Approves purchasing requests of auxiliary materials and services needed for production, etc,.
  • Assures that quality documentation and data are sent to the headquarter in a timely manner
  • Manages and coordinates the management review of the plant quality
  • Manages the record of quality documentation/data within his/her responsibility
  • Assures compliance of Privacy and Confidentiality rules in the plant
  • Assures the correct application and compliance of safety/environmental rules in the plant
  • Coordinates and assures the correct application/maintenance/improvement in the plant of quality management system according to applicable reference norms (UNl EN lSO 9001:2000, lSO TS 16949:2002 and lSO 14001:2004).
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