At the end of the year 2014

It’s nice to finish a business year with the successful completion of a large project.

And even more pleasant to know that a demanding Customer has become a Partner:

During our cooperation with Escadra agency colleagues have shown a high level of professional competence in selection of personnel in a rather specific IT market.

We were attracted to work with the agency because when they face difficulties they do not reduce intensity of search and promptly respond to all Customer’s requests.

We are very grateful to Director of Escadra agency for an individual approach, constructive attitude in dealing with various issues and endless optimism.

It should be also noted that it was a pleasure to communicate with the agency employees on friendly and human terms. Business relations developed into a partnership.

It is for the above mentioned reasons that we recommend Escadra agency to all our partners and colleagues!


Yuriy Kozlov
Director, Software Development

Elena Tkachenko
HR manager


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