Ukraine as a Motivating Force in the IT-sphere in Europe

Ukrainian government in collaboration with the leading IT-outsourcers announced the launch of a joint project. Its objective is to make Ukraine the motivating force in the IT-sphere in Europe. The program initiators hope to bring the outflow of Ukrainian development engineers abroad to a stop. The program implies creation of good conditions for activity and life of IT-specialists in Ukraine, thus motivating them to stay in the country. Besides, 100 000 job positions in the IT-sphere are planned to be created by 2020.

The program of the IT-sector development in Ukraine was discussed and signed by Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and by the chief executives of Ciklum, SoftServe, Miratech, EPAM Ukraine, GlobalLogic, Luxoft Ukraine and IT Ukraine. Within the framework of the project the quality of Ukrainian IT-specialists training is planned to be improved: $1 billion is panned to be invested into expansion and modernization of the education system in Ukraine.

“Our aim is to move from resource-based economy to knowledge-based economy”, Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, claimed while discussing the project with the sector representatives.

To make Ukraine competitive at the international market the authors of the initiative intend to revise the tax legislation in Ukraine concerning IT-outsourcing. The authors of the plan calculated that on condition of successful realization of these steps the earnings derived from exports of IT-services to the USA and EU will total more than $10 billion.

“We are confident that Ukraine will remain a reliable IT-partner and the dialogue with the new government increased this confidence. That is why we are ready to continue investing into expansion of IT-business in Ukraine”, Torben Majgaard, CEO of Ciklum, one of the largest exporters of IT-services in Ukraine, claimed.

A group of experts comprising representatives of government and IT-sector is currently working over a detailed operation plan. Its presentation is scheduled for early April. The agreement on IT-sector development in Ukraine of March 20 was signed by:

  • Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Economic Development      and Trade of Ukraine
  • Torben Majgaard, CEO, Ciklum
  • Taras Kytsmey, President, SoftServe
  • Mykola Royenko, President, Miratech
  • Yuriy Antoniuk, Managing Director, EPAM Ukraine
  • Volodymyr Sharov, Managing Director, GlobalLogic
  • Vitaliy Nuzhny, Managing Director, Luxoft Ukraine
  • Victor Valeyev, Managing Director, IT Ukraine


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