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Five Days Only

We have developed a service «Five Days Only» in order to help you quickly and efficiently deal with  tasks burdened with time pressures, deadlines, rush and unexpected circumstances. We will provide you with the Candidate selected especially for you after 5 days of signing the contract.

According to the results of numerous Recruitment Market Researches “timing” has been repeatedly defined as one of the most important constituent when serving a Client.  It is not surprising inasmuch as it often happens that an absence of a small detail in any mechanism may entirely break its functioning processes. “Five Days Only” Service was created find and replace the missing part quickly and accurately in order to keep your business mechanism operating.

Due to our extensive experience in the market, each member of our team has realized that high quality results that would meet Customers’ needs can be easily achieved in a short period of time if having necessary resources, connections and skills. That is why speed of execution of the assigned tasks is one of the distinguishing characteristics of “Escadra” Recruitment Agency.

Choosing “Five Days Only” Service you will be able to see the results of our work just in 5 days. We will provide you with Candidates individually selected for your Company through our exclusive database and social connections.

Remember that the pace of development of nowadays markets and their unexpected fluctuations spare no one, and leave no opportunity for musing. It is essential to keep pace with time and don’t let anyone make you wait. Appreciate your time just as we do.