Fintech Recruitment

We help innovative high-tech companies and start-ups operating in the field of financial technology throughout the world to find talented developers and specialists. Fintech is considered one of the most attractive and fastest growing IT industries both in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Many Ukrainian team raised venture capital and cooperate with the major global banks: Sociate Generale, Barclays, Raiffeisen, UBS and American Insurance Corporation (AIG).


Our experience in the areas of:

  • Mobile payment systems and solutions for banks and businesses,
  • Development of mobile wallets,
  • Loyalty programs,
  • Applications for POS-terminals and solutions for secure mobile transactions,
  • Monitoring of payment card processing,
  • Solutions for bankingautomation and optimization from NCR, Diebold and Wincor

Ask your questions , we are always ready to help you and to offer consulting services concerning Fintech specialists’ job market in Ukraine.