Executive Search

Since 2004, we help our Clients to recruit professional top managers capable of taking responsibility for the Company’s business.

Each project is carried out by the team of analysts, researchers and headhunters, combining deep expertise of the industry with a broad search system. Such an organization allows us to find the right candidates quickly and accurately.

Over the years, consultants at Escadra recruitment agency have successfully implemented many recruiting projects.

Our Partners and Consultants have a clear field of expertise, what helps us to understand the specifics of the industry, market trends and effectively communicate with Clients and Candidates.

Our experience gives an opportunity to create an effective team of consultants from different countries to carry out recruiting projects designed to find managers from the international markets and attracting them to the company’s customers. We know how to find an efficient, reliable manager with which you can achieve results.


  1. Preparation of the “Application for Search”
    • Meeting with Senior Management of the Client, obtaining as much as possible of information about the company and position (tasks, responsibilities, competencies, the structure of the company, job responsibilities, experience, compensation package, etc.)
    • Advising on the market situation and the level of compensation for this position.
    • Preparation, approval and adoption of the “, the cost of services, guarantees, and hunt group etc.) Application for Search”, containing all information needed for searching (about the Company’s position, the methods and sources of the search, the stages and timing of their implementation, the criteria for selecting candidates
  2. Market research and the formation of the “Long list»
    • Market research and preparation of a list of companies where potential Candidates can work, given the appropriate set of requirements
    • Creation and coordination a “Search Map» together with a Client
    • Meetings with experts in the study area, identifying the current market situation, identification of the leading players in the market
    • Examining the specialists according to the criteria worked out in a conjunction with the client; adopting the “Search Map”. A detailed study of the market of employed Candidates based on the “Search Map” by the team of Analysts and Researchers.
    • Creation and presentation a “Long list» of all potential Candidates with brief information about each to the Client.
  3. Preparation of a “Short List»
    • Gathering accurate and complete information about the Candidates from the Short List for the comparative analysis. Selection of the most suitable potential Candidates from the “Long list” for further work
    • In-depth interviews with potential Candidates, professional and personal assessment of the candidates, the assessment of motivation and expectations for compensation
    • Preparation of detailed reports on the Candidates (Confidential Report) who passed all the stages of interviewing
    • Creation and presentation the “Short List” of Candidates recommended for interview to the Client.
  4. The final choice, signing a contract:
    • Organization interviews of candidates from the “Short List” with the Client.
    • Get feedback from the Candidate and Client.
    • Assistance in selecting the final Candidate.
    • Assistance in negotiations, if necessary – assistance in the preparation of Job Offer
  5. Support
    • Provide feedback and assistance in adapting the new employee.
    • Compliance with the assumed warranty.


We are conducting a thorough search and qualitative selection of Candidates; therefore we work with our clients on exclusive terms. This policy protects the interests of the Client from the unreasonable wishes of the Candidates regarding salary – wishes, which are usually triggered by proposals from recruiting agencies when working in “tender”.

The sum of the standard fee for conducting Executive Search services makes up 20% of the annual wage of the Candidate.

Payment for our services is done in two stages: first stage – 50 % of the total fee should be paid at the time the contract is signed. Once the Job Offer is signed by the Candidate the rest of the Service Fee may be paid.


We are searching top managers in the territory of Ukraine, Russia, CIS and Europe. Business processes regulate the timing of the Company projects: from 15 up to 30 days from the date of signing the contract. The first information about the interviewed Candidates is available to the Client within five days after signing the contract.We provide replacement manager for free, if he/ she resigns within six months from the first day of work, due to circumstances beyond the employer’s responsibility.