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Feedback from “JADRAN”, Croatia

ESCADRA Company under direction of Gorokhovsky Yuriy has provided us with services in selecting staff for the subsidiary of pharmaceutical company «Jadran Galenic Laboratory» (Croatia) from October to December, 2005.

Our branch has made a request for a position of Field-force manager. We want to recognize the speed and order of agency employees showed when performing their task.




Due to profound experience, deep knowledge and efficiency, ESCADRA agency has found professional candidates in the shortest terms for us.

Despite the time pressure and unfavorable search conditions high expectations of our company from the candidates and limited choice of specialists working in pharmaceutical business, our HR manager had a sufficient quantity of candidates and opportunity to make the best choice.

Yuriy  Gorokhovsky – is a very educated and erudite person, interesting personality and professional in his professional sphere that understands Customer’s needs at once.

With all responsibility we can recommend ESCADRA, as a reliable partner in searching for new employees.

Alexandr Belavich Head of representative office
Alexandra Opanasyuk HR manager
JADRAN, Croatia Pharmaceutical industry, Representative in Ukraine