Dear Yuri,

I am honored to express the gratitude on behalf of Materialize for having the pleasure of working with the Escadra recruitment agency in your person!

Your approach to work is characterized by the positive ability to establish personal contact while seeking for candidates. Personal contact is expressed not only in the ability to feel the candidate, whether he/she meets the customer’s expectations, but also in the ability to establish good rapport with representatives of the customer itself.

Materialize is a leader in the global 3D technology industry: image processing and printing technology.

The company puts forward tough requirements both for the candidates and for the recruitment agencies that we are working with while we are trying to establish partnerships with the latter.

Escadra recruitment agency meets these requirements.

Our cooperation is based on finding “turn key” solutions. In my opinion, this is the most successful and effective cooperation approach as it allows to develop comfortable cooperation.

It should also be noted that this approach brings “guaranteed” results as all recruited candidates have been successfully working with Materialise for a long time.

I wish you luck!

Your efforts are always very much appreciated!


Best regards,

Elena Antonenko

General Manager

Ukraine – Belgium