One more step on the way to perfection: Escadra implements advanced personnel evaluation system

From now on, we are evaluating the candidates’ personal qualities using state-of-the-art methodology recognized in the whole world.

In May 2015, “Escadra” Recruitment Group employees completed an international course and received Thomas PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) certificate.

What is Thomas PPA System?

Thomas PPA System is an instrument that has been employed for evaluation of the personnel’s personal qualities in 60 countries of the world for over 30 years; the instrument has been adopted by 32 thousand companies. The main advantages of this methodology are the guarantee of the result validity, time-saving testing and clear interpretation.

PPA module is aimed at the correct search and selection of job applicants. In the course of an 8-minute-long testing the system forms a profile that reflects the personality’s strong and weak points, group behavior style, motivation and capacity for high-tempo work.

How do the recruiters benefit from education and certification?

In the course of training and certification Escadra recruiters have mastered some modern techniques of specialists’ evaluation; the techniques are used now in everyday work. The acquired methodology has made us more sensitive to the business client’s needs on the level of internal HR-division, as well as capable of adopting the right decision, which will meet the client’s needs.

Adequate evaluation of the candidates’ personal qualities at the stage of their selection is of no less importance than their competence since such evaluation helps to avoid situations when a high-performing employee lacks some personal qualities. It seems to be more important to spend some time and find an employee who would match all requirements than to waste time and resources later to motivate and “attitude develop” him/her.

How does our clients’ business benefit from certification?

We employ Thomas PPA methodology to conduct technical testing of applicants during the interview. As a result, the new employees have a 90% chance to:

  • successfully pass a probation period,
  • be loyal and stay in the company for a long time,
  • blend into the team and corporate culture.

These measures help to considerably lower the overall expenses of the company in terms of personnel selection and to keep valuable workers in business. Realizing the responsibility we take while selecting candidates for our clients’ companies, we do our best to make the search effective to the utmost and to provide our customers with highly motivated employees.

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