Welcoming words

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I strongly believe you know that the key to success of your business lies in the people developing it. Resources available and business opportunities become effective if managed by talented people. Well-judged suitable choice of a top manager able to take influential decisions saves your time investments and eliminates risks in the future.

We are ready to assist you on the way of making difficult choices and to take over some work needs to be done. Escadra is working in the field of selecting top managers for fifteen years.  That is the guarantee of feedback and excellent reputation we gain. The majority of new clients address us by recommendations of their friends, colleagues, and partners.

We are focusing on deep learning of your business environment to clearly understand the type of Leader most suitable for you, suitable and effective today and in the long run. We closely work to become absolutely sure of who he is – Your ideal Candidate.

My own extensive business management experience, experience in recruiting, inspiring feedback from our Clients and Partners make us feel confident in offering you solutions in searching the top managers you are looking for. We strongly believe that success of our Clients is our success. The goals you set, values you care, your interests become our concern in the course of cooperation with your company. Your requirements and preferences combined with our knowledge and experience give rapid and fruitful solution to the tasks.

We are always ready to answer your questions and offer you the solution you need. The website will provide you with the detailed information about our company.

Here you can learn about services provided to know exactly the way we can be helpful to you.

Thank you for the interest to Escadra Recruiting agency!  We are at your service! Looking forward for the new business cooperation.