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About Escadra Agency

Launched in 2004, Escadra recruiting agency has since been specializing in Executive search, Management selection and IT recruitment. Over the years the agency has amassed a wealth of experience and built up relations of partnership with Clients and Candidates.

We implemented  big amount of projects for companies from Ukraine, Poland, USA, Netherlands, Czech Republic, UAE.

We happened to deal with “hopeless” and “exotic” orders, but, to our credit, all of them were completed and the requirements of our Clients were thoroughly granted. The agency follows an “iron clad” rule – if the contract is signed it is bound to be implemented regardless of efforts and expenditures involved.

The work of the agency is based on the principle of the Consultants’ areas of expertise, each Consultant deals with the search of experts in a particular business area; this enables them to thoroughly study the market and its leading experts.


During the period of its functioning, the agency carried out search projects in the following industries and for the follows positions:


Company Director, Commercial Director, Sales Director, Business Development Director, Personnel Director, Marketing Director, Regional Network Development Director, Business Logistics Director, Trade Network Department Manager, Brand Manager, Group Brand Manager, Warehouse Logistics Manager, Security Manager.

Banking and Investment Management

Vice-President, Marketing Director, Network Development Vice-President, Security Manager, Financial Vice-President, Accounting Manager, Senior Analyst, Senior Investment Banker, Analyst, Branch Office Manager.

Holding Management Companies

Management Company Director, Organizational Development Director, Financial Director, Marketing Director, General Counsel.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Personnel Director, Development Director, Strategic Marketing Director, OTC External Service Manager, Regional Manager, Financial Controller, Product Manager.

Retail Chains

Personnel Director, Accounting Manager, IT Director, Logistics Director, Logistics Manager, Retail Chain Director, Legal Counsel, Senior Visual Merchandiser.


Company Director, Operations Director, Commercial Director, Personnel Director, Financial Director, IT Director, Sales Director, Business Improvement Manager.


SAP Analyst, IT-Business Analyst, Project Manager, Programmers, Java developers, C# developers, C++ developers as well as PHP developers.
IT security experts- Application security, Network defense, Intrusion detection.

Construction and Real Estate

Chief Project Engineer, Chief Structural Engineer, Marketing Director.


Sales Director, IT Director, Regional Development Director, Personnel Director.

Food Industry

Chief Engineer, Sales Director.


Company Director, Business Development Director.


Development Vice-President.