Abbrevia is an international innovative provider of leading-edge test tools for payment solutions, POS terminal application products and mobile secure authentication solutions headquartered in Dubai (UAE).

To ensure the high quality of our software products, we take great care to employ the best developers from all over the world.

We contacted Escarda recruitment agency to search for XFS developers and programmers.

The hard part of it is that according to our HR department there are only 50 – 70 such experts in the world.

It is not a simple task to find them, get their interest to cooperate and relocate to UAE. On top of that, we have rather strict requirements to the candidates: high professional qualifications, fluent English and willingness to relocate to Dubai.

Escadra recruiters did a search on the global scale and presented candidates from Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Romania and Lithuania for review.

We were having hard times to select the right one as all the candidates were selected strictly in line with our criteria and in full compliance with the search order.

We would like to note that the agency strictly observed the agreed time limits for the search, provided a quick feedback and detailed advice on all issues that came up during our cooperation.

And most importantly, the final result. Selected candidates relocated to Dubai and were successfully employed with our company.

We greatly appreciate successful cooperation and recommend Escadra recruitment agency to all companies seeking to fill complicated and urgent vacancies in FinTech.

They will not let you down.

Yana Drogacheva
Business Development Manager