Vacancy: 1C BA

Our client, a national pharmaceutical company which belongs to the TOP-10 Ukrainian pharma producers is looking to fill in the following position: 

1C Business – Analyst


  • Graduate degree in Economics or Finance or technical education.
  • 2+ years of work experience as 1C analyst and/or experience of optimization of business processes.
  • Experience in visualization tools and descriptions of business processes (BP), interviewing, formalization of unit requirements for automation business processes.
  • Knowledge of specialization domains: operational accounting, bookkeeping/tax accounting, management accounting, personnel records, payroll, budgeting, treasury.
  • Experience in projects on automation of business processes using 1C8 software
  • 2+ years of knowledge and experience with the standard configuration “Management of Production Company in Ukraine” and / or “Management of trading company in Ukraine”.
  • Practical experience in Customer Support: methodological and technical advice, localization of issues, search and implementation of solutions.
  • Responsible, result oriented, analytical way of thinking, teamwork, self-discipline.

Major responsibilities:

  • Automation of management accounting and operational business processes using different information systems (1C8: UPP 1C8: UAT, 1C8: Document Management, CRM, BI).
  • Planning and execution of works/automation projects, setting up accounting using 1C8.
  • Collating requirements of business units for automation, formalization and analysis thereof. Creating technical proposals for optimization of operational business processes.
  • Analysis of the current user experience in 1C8, Search and formation of proposals to improve their performance efficiency, creating proposals to introduce new functionalities or improve the existing ones.
  • Perform tasks within automation projects:
  • Planning tasks and performance supervision;
  • Developing designs and technical documentation (requirements, description of business processes, technical specifications, guidelines, training plans, test scripts);
  • Training users, testing functionalities, delivery and acceptance of tasks.
  • Methodological and technical customer support.
  • Technical and methodological advice and other support to employees of service units within his/her competences.

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